American Workplace Progam

Though the American Program started out by bringing intennational students into the United States for a specific educational objective such as teaching and conducting research, the program extended into other exchange categories that share the same cultural exchange objective:

  • Volunteer Non Profit Workplace Programs (Inter Global Korea)
  • Au Pair (domestic assistant exchange)
  • Government Visitor (cultural exchange program for representatives of foreign governments)
  • Professor & Research or Short-Term Scholar (cultural exchange program in US colleges and universities)
  • Work and Travel (summer holiday work program for foreign students)
  • and the J1 Training and Internship Program (career training program for foreign students and recent graduates)

J1 programs administered by ESL Boards USA Internship Program Internships works with 2 types of J-1 programs and Volunteer Non Profit Workplace Programs

What kind of interns do we have?

We have international interns from all over the world with education and professional experience in the following categories:
  • IT/Computers
  • Nursing
  • Music
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • and more!

International Student Interns

Aside from working Volunteer Non Profit Workplace Programs, we also work with international students who are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in the United States. Talented, fluent in English and multilingual, these students have long been valuable assets to US businesses. Plus, they are already in the country ready and eager to start an internship with your company and grow your business.

Who we are

We are Internships. We are staunch believers in international education and cultural exchange. We are passionate about connecting talented young people from all over the world with businesses in the United States. We think that by hosting our interns you are not only transforming your business but also changing this word for the better.

cropped-3 ESL Boards Internship Program proudly supports South Korea’s West Program

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